Real Advice from Real Bride’s

Real advice from real brides on how to enjoy your wedding day the most! 

My advice for the bride: Roll with it. You can plan all you want, but not everything will be prefect. Part of the beauty of this process is not knowing. So instead of resisting, roll with it and everything will fall into place on its own. ~ Krishia 


   I would have to say one thing I did that I was happy that I did regarding the pictures was to have props that made the pictures more personal for both the wedding and the engagement pictures.  I had a pumpkin and an American flag for our engagement pictures and just the wooden ring box for the wedding, but those seemed so much more personal to us.  It made them stand out more than just the typical poses and to just be yourselves during any of the shoots because my favorite pictures are the more spontaneous ones like of us laughing at each other. ~ Nicole

My advice would be to have fun! You will obviously look great and pick out something wonderful to wear. But when you look at pics you want to remember the fun that you and your hubby (or hubby to be) had when getting photographed. Some of my favorite pics are the natural ones where we are laughing or he picked me up to carry me so that my dress didn’t get dirty – those were natural and fun (unexpected pics)! As Audrey Hepburn said – happy girls are the prettiest girls! I couldn’t agree more and having fun makes for happy girls. ~ April

Some people cant relax enough to capture them… so maybe my advice is relax and enjoy the moment. ~ Kristina 

My one piece of advice to a bride for her wedding would be to make every decision based on what YOU want.

So many people want to be involved in the wedding process and before you know it, you’re trying to make decisions based on multiple people’s comments or opinions. Some of these opinions you may not even agree with, but ultimately you’re striving to have the best wedding ever so you try to please everyone.

My #1 piece of advice is, DON’T.

No matter how great your day is, there will always be that ONE person who has something to say or disagree with. You cannot please everyone.  However, If you plan your wedding based on your own likes, style and opinions, you will not regret a single decision you made.  

It is your wedding. It is your day. If you follow your heart and plan all of the details remembering why you two fell in love in the first place, then your wedding day is bound to be magical. ~ Alyssa