Kristina and Brandon 4/28/2018 ~ First peak of their wedding! – Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

 Being able to photograph love is one of my favorite things in life! This is about Kristin and Brandon’s April Wedding and the love they share. . – Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

As a Pittsburgh wedding photographer, I adore photographing people in love. Kristina and Brandon definitely have the kind of love that will last, he’s an easy going guy and Kristina knows her beauty and can (and will)bring Brandon to his knees with simply a look. They’re a fiery couple that was a blast to photograph.

From the stunning bride herself:

   Brandon and I met on a very cold evening in January two years ago. We have a common friend who was celebrating her birthday at the Presidents Pub in Washington. .Brandon as super late to the party and I had wanted to go home, but the persistent friend said I must stay….. lucky I did!!

The rest is literally history, one more beer for the night and we closed the bar down that evening.
I must say, looking back, I remember Brandon’s face when I told him I was tired and wanted to go home, it was as if something was pulling us back to each other, something a bit magical. It is still , very magical. And so surreal to marry the man that still gives me goosebumps every time he kisses me.